Thursday, January 2, 2014

College Basketball Opens 2014 in Boring Fashion

I tried, I really tried. I wanted to find a game to go into an in-depth recap on for the January 1 action. But there simply was not a game worthy of an entire paragraph.

A couple of teams, UNLV and San Diego State, got "expected" road wins---expected because they were against lesser competition, but road games can always be a bit dicey no matter who you play. Two teams, Mercer and Utah State, lost to bad teams on the road, failing to do what UNLV and SDSU did, pushing them off the bubble and into the must-win-conference-tournament section. And number of teams, Dayton, Harvard, Cinci, Indiana State, and Drake, all who are in the tournament or in the bubble vicinity, won at home.

@Dayton 81, Winthrop 47
UNLV 75, @Fresno State 62
@Indiana State 70, Loyola IL 58
@Harvard 73, Boston College 58
@Cincinnati 65, SMU 57
@North Florida 89, Mercer 83
@Air Force 73, Utah State 72
@Drake 94, Evansville 66
San Diego State 71, @Colorado State 61

Thursday picks back up with 69 games on the slate, but you don't need to watch all of them. Here is a list of the games that you should be keeping an eye on if you have an eye towards March. I am also starting to add additional information into the preview section: I'm including which seed line each team was sitting at in last week's Bracket Brief now. Teams could have dropped or moved up since then, but it should give you an idea of the level of play in each game. LFI is Last Four In, FFO is First Four Out, NFO is Next Four Out. Enjoy January 2!

Holy Cross at #16 Boston U
#1 Wisconsin at Northwestern
#9 Michigan at #10 Minnesota
#14 Manhattan at St. Peter's
#3 Oregon at Utah
Jacksonville State at #14 Belmont
Washington at #12/LFI Arizona State
Cleveland State at #14 Green Bay
#3 Wichita State at Southern Illinois
Saint Mary's at #8 Gonzaga
Lamar at #15 Stephen F. Austin
FFO Cal at #10 Stanford
Washington State at #1 Arizona
Oregon State at #4 Colorado

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